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JungleWave Camp



Have you ever woken early enough to watch the sun rise? Do you recall walking in the darkness, barefoot, paying full attention to your surroundings? When is the last time you meditated by a river?

Since the ages of time, humans have been connected with their surroundings. The era of technology, however, made many of us lose sight with our primitive bond with nature. This workshop is aimed at awakening awareness within a natural environment, throughout all the five senses and more. From individual perception among the space, partnership work and body conditioning, you’ll have enough tools to dig your roots and expand your knowledge in matter of training in nature.




What happens last Year?



by Marcello Palozzo


This day will be aimed at developing an intellectual infrastructure on how to shape a sustainable physical practice. From the early lights of the days to the dusk, the participants will be exposed to a range of activities and routines in order to build strong everyday habits. The underpinning idea behind the workshop will be not only to live a powerful experience, but to go back home with a concrete set of scenarios to operate into and to grow from. On an educational level, we’ll explore the following themes:


–       how to distribute the energies through the week to stay as fatigue-free as possible;

–       how to understand what kind of physical nourishment your body needs;

–      where to direct your attention to ensure sustainability on a long term: resolutions vs fluid planning;

–       what effect you’re looking to obtain from your training and how to select the best one for you.


From there, we will move on into the realm of application of skills into various circumstances, surrounded by the suggesting natural environment we will be immersed into. A particular focus will be given on observing how to deal with the fear of heights, oxygen deprivation, cold exposure and absence of movement. Thus, in order to forge a mind capable of dealing with the emotional tornados that shake our beings throughout our lives. Be ready to revisit your beliefs, rituals and dogmatic thinking, because there won’t be space for them in this event.


by Giorgio Ferré

Giorgio’s workshop serves as an insight on coordination and partner work in regards to self defence and space awareness. This experience is aimed at enhancing the connections with yourself and others around you, through the stimulation of complicity, preparedness and presence of mind. Educate yourself on how to use such tools to fight, take down and handle adversaries in a non-ordinary environment. Built upon our primitive and instinctual responses to threats, you’ll learn how to protect yourself when the confrontation with a potential danger cannot be avoided. Expect a variety of drills, exercises and simulated fighting scenarios. Assemble your own weapons from scratch, using the raw material that the forest can offer. The session information will be delivered in such a way that, by the end of it, you will have acquired enough confidence to determine which skill would be most relevant for a given attack circumstance.



by Riccardo Calli

Since Aristotle’ statement that human beings are social animals by nature, the Earth has done many laps around the sun. Yet, in nowadays reality, we’re witnesses of an absurd paradox: as distances decrease and everyone can be instantaneously connected, we feel increasingly alone. But the reality is that we feel the most comfortable when we belong, when we’re in presence of other people, sharing moments, emotions and experiences. The aim of Riccardo’ session is exactly that of improving teamwork, developing trust, and enhancing problem solving skills through the implementation of team building activities, challenges and games. Expect practical activities that will require ability, strategy and cooperation among the team members for successful outcomes. Be ready to adapt and to intuitively find the perfect balance in between your personal desires and the goal of the group. The activities will be followed by moments of reflection, to trigger which were the best communicative tools in moments of stress and tension. Learn how to implement what you learnt during the session and bring it back home as seeds to plant in your everyday life.




by Young survival


Learn how to get rid of modern life’s amenities and stop taking your precious resources for granted. Give yourself the chance of dive deep into the wilderness and sharpen your survival skills in both ordinary and emergency situations. Come back home fully equipped with a range of life-saving tools. This experience is aimed at making you aware of your environment, as well as at awakening your lost primitive abilities. Learn how to build a shelter in the woods, identify edible plants and prepare your own food starting from scratches. The activities will start in the early morning and will continue after dawn. Prepare yourself to face the night! Experiment in a controlled environment activities based on the concept of outdoor training and enriched with mental challenges and risk management plans. Work in cooperation with the group and in close contact with your instinct to take the best out of this course



SNT dei 300: scegli 3 esercizi tra trazioni, piegamenti sulle braccia, squat, addominali. Per ogni esercizio scelto fai 300 ripetizioni, completando un esercizio per volta....

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Porta un oggetto (ad esempio, un sasso) in salita per cinquecento metri, torna rapidamente all'inizio e incrementa il peso dell'oggetto ogni giro, per cinque giri. Fai che la salita sia una buona sfida, ad esempio che contenga scale e ostacoli....

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SpiralStone 2014

Anche quest'anno Valbondione è stata invasa da un bel gruppo di praticanti e boulderisti, tutti insieme a faticare nella ormai famosa pietraia e dintorni!   Nonostante il brutto tempo previsto, il week end ci ha regalato due giornata di sole e caldo, degne di un'estate che quest'anno...

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Ricominciano i corsi!

Wavers, siete pronti?? L'ANNO 2014/2015 INIZIA! Preparatevi a un sacco di fatica, ma col sorriso! Ottobre è vicino e i corsi sono in procinto di ricominciare! Ecco gli orari e i giorni in cui dovrete tenervi liberi   Bergamo/Dalmine Giornate d'inizio: Corso A (intermedi/avanzati): 1 ottobre 20.00 Corso G (ragazze): 2 ottobre...

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Solleva da terra un compagno "svenuto" e trasportalo per 200 metri. Arrivato a destinazione "svieni" a tua volta e lasciati trasportare....

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Women’s International Parkour Week End

Il 3 e 4 maggio si è svolto a Londra il Women’s International Parkour Weekend, una due giorni di parkour tutta al femminile. In questi giorni più di sessanta ragazze provenienti da diversi paesi d’Europa si sono incontrate per condividere un’esperienza di allenamento collettivo. E’ stato...

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Sardinia Parkour Motion

Nel weekend del 7-8 giugno 2014 ParkourWave sbarca per la prima volta in Sardegna! Questa volta in collaborazione con ASD “Ain't no Gravity Parkour” e  “Parkour Cagliari”, vedremo impegnato il nostro team in un workshop aperto a praticanti di parkour di qualunque livello, pronti a mettere...

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