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JungleWave Camp


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Have you ever woken early enough to watch the sun rise? Do you recall walking in the darkness, barefoot, paying full attention to your surroundings? When is the last time you meditated by a river?

Since the ages of time, humans have been connected with their surroundings. The era of technology, however, made many of us lose sight with our primitive bond with nature. This workshop is aimed at awakening awareness within a natural environment, throughout all the five senses and more. From individual perception among the space, partnership work and body conditioning, you’ll have enough tools to dig your roots and expand your knowledge in matter of training in nature.

After one year of stop, the JUNGLEWAVE CAMP – the summer event by ParkourWave is back with its fourth edition …you now have two options:

– JUNGLEWAVE CAMP (Classic Edition)

– JUNGLEWAVE RETREAT (Supernatural Edition)
This is going to be a full-immersion experience literally WITHOUT schedules; it will be four days of intense extra-ordinary activities.


Two distincts editions with two different activities and delivery, but same spirit: find Your wild spirit.

What happens last Year?


PARKOUR: aka PK, is a new discipline born in France around ’80.

Parkour is about overcome every kind of obstacle adapting your body to the environment. This discipline is also knows as Art du Déplacement or Free Running.

JUNGLEWAVE: is a training method inspired by the Natural Method also known as Hébertism.

This training includes a big variety of movements that every human being is born to do, such as running, jumping, balancing, climbing and more. The aim is to develop a complete athlete.

JungleWave method mixes Natural Method and Parkour, becoming a discipline even more complete, challenging and effective.

When you are in the wilderness, the surrounding peace helps a reconnection with your “natural form” which makes your senses more sharp.

JungleWave is about adapting Parkour, Martial Arts, Natural Method and even Dance.

Practitioners have the possibility to express themselves more freely in this new way of moving.

In fact, cities, sorters and centralizing forces are the masters and act in every field, not only movement. Fitness industry is an example of it, characterized by the creation of standard packages which hold the psychological well-being in glossy and attractive “boxes”, just to be consumed and immediately abandoned.

In the city, even the Parkour practitioner has to constantly fight against laziness, the adaptive process is not easy to be reproduced – it needs stressful situations.

JungleWave develops on mutable grounds, which perfectly reflects the typical chaos of the movement itself.

That’s how practitioners can constantly be inspired to explore, search and change their points of view, becoming a better version of themselves every day.

There will be no need to think about efficiency because it will be a natural effect of adapting to the chaos.

JungleWave is an holistic training methodology that involves both physical and mental skills to always be ready to react. It is a balanced and non specialized approach to movement.

This approach has enough flexibility to answer to different needs and skills but you have to make sure to leave preconceptions, prejudices and ego out of the forest!