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Achieving an ADAPT certification it means to have reached an excellent level both as a coach and as a practitioner.

This is not something that can be evaluated in a few hours with a single test.
ADAPT evaluations include physical and technical tests, written exams and educational tests.

During the evaluation, the candidate will be questioned thoroughly on all aspects of the discipline.

Only after completing all sections of the assessment the candidate can get a ADAPT qualification and become an affiliate instructor.

Find out what is the ADAPT European certification, created by the early Lisses traceurs and Yamakasi (Parkour Generations and Majestic Force):


Qualification levels

Coaches worldwide network

Since 2012, ADAPT qualification is released in Italy by UISP, in collaboration with Gato, ParkourWave’s head coach and ADAPT Tutor for Italy.

In September 2015 ParkourWave officially becomes Delivery Center, keeping his collaboration with UISP.


In Italy, ADAPT qualification is delivered by Parkourwave in collaboration with UISP (activities department). Since 2012 we are offering both ADAPT seminars level 1 and level 2.

At the moment, achieving an ADAPT lvl 1 (assistant coach qualification) is enough to be qualified for teaching parkour in UISP.

We strongly believe that the primary purpose of this path is to promote the development and certify theoretical and practical skills on Parkour coaching, assuming that a high standard of practice is necessary (but not sufficient) to be excellent coach. The right to teach, then, it is earned on the field.

 If you need more informations about new adapt seminars in Italy you can check the Facebook official page or email us.

ADAPT lvl 1

To achieve ADAPT lvl 1 you just need to be eighteen and you have to prove to have basic Parkour practical knowledge. ADAPT lvl 1 UISP consists of:

• Parkour form. 3 day course with a final written and practical examination.

• Successful completion of the course must be followed by completing 10 live coaching sessions where you have to assist at least two separate existing ADAPT Level 2 or higher coaches. You have one year from Parkour form to finish you 10 sessions.

• “UISP common areas”, a series of seminars organized by the UISP regional departments, that has to be one completed in one year from Parkour form.

ADAPT lvl 2

ADAPT 2 is a much more selective certification. It is considered to be one of the hardest sports qualifications in Europe. Candidates must posses ADAPT 1 certification, they should have practiced parkour at least for 5 years and they should have some teaching experiences.
Also it is recommended to ask to an ADAPT lvl 2 (or higher level) coach to get a feedback before applying for lvl 2.
To become a full coach lvl 2 you’ll have to do:

  • A 5 days course. After that, tutors will release extensive personal feedbacks and advices to how to prepare for the assessment.
  • The 2 days assessment is usually 6 months from the course. Candidates will be tested thoroughly, both from a physical-technical and a theoretical point of view.