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Parkour Wave
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A.s.d. ParkourWave è un’associazione sportiva dilettantistica affiliata UISP riconosciuta dal CONI, tutte le attività sono rivolte e riservate ai soci. Potete visionare lo statuto dell’associazione

ParkourWave was born as a group in 2010 and became a Sport Association on May 2012.

Since then, it is promoting and spreading the Parkour culture worldwide.

Thanks to a great team of professional coaches, ParkourWave aims to make Parkour accessible to everyone and it is helping people to understand the amazing self improvement process hidden inside this art.

ParkourWave provides classes and events, collaborates with other realities both inside and outside the national borders to make the movement culture known in every possibile form.

Classes, events and workshops for every level are organized every day.

At the moment, ParkourWave is the only Italian delivery center for the ADAPT certification, hosted by UISP.

It is also affiliated with the Fédération Internationale des Arts du Déplacement (FIADD).

ParkourWave’s coaches are well known for their experiences and capabilities, they have been called to teach both at international and national seminars.

In addition to that, ParkourWave’s team provides media and performances services.

Currently our association works in three different cities: Bergamo, Padova and Arona.


Parkour (from parcour, path) is about running, climbing and jumping to overcome obstacles: this is what you can see from outside.

Parkour was born in a Paris’ suburb, around ’80. A young group of men tried to give a new value to the architectural limits of the concrete jungle, using physical challenges to improve themselves.

Through their explorations of human bodies’ possibilities of the human body, they created this new Art.

In the following years, thanks to the internet and to a lot of workshops by the founders, the discipline started spreading all around the globe.

The reason why this discipline became so famous is probably due to its great transferability of its main values: physical adaptation to concrete problems, improve mental adaptation to abstract issues.

Nowadays Parkour teaching is well organized and it is made accessible to an ever increasing number of people.

Those who approach Parkour face different moments of growth.

First of all, a true feeling of freedom is related to the newfound physical mobility connected to the environment. This perception used to be a natural human condition but it has been silenced by an increasingly sedentary society.

In addition to that, a new sensation of self control is gained.

Having a more functional and effective body and a more rapid and conscious mind allows the development of a strong autonomy; everyone becomes master of its own progress.

To practice this discipline it means to create a relationship with your own limits to achieve more awareness; this helps to provide versatility and adaptability.

Parkour is a respectful exploration of one’s self, a way to find a new relation with space and a critical thinking tool; To practice this discipline you need commitment, perseverance and dedication.